This is the major competition sponsored by MTN Swaziland and it is a point system played over two (1st round and 2nd rounnd) running throughout the football season. A total of 26 teams make up the premier league with 14 teams in the premier league and 12 teams in the first division league. both leagues are sponsored by the same sponsor (MTN Swaziland). The Premier League is consist of 14 clubs which are;

  • Mbabane Swallows FC
  • Mbabane Highlanders FC
  • Mbabane Midas City FC
  • Vovovo FC
  • Malanti Chiefs FC
  • Manzini Sundows FC
  • Manzini Wanderes FC
  • Red Lions FC
  • Royal Leopard FC
  • Green Mamba FC
  • Young Baffaloes FC
  • Matsapha United FC
  • Tambuti FC
  • Moneni Pirates FC


The National first division is the second division league in the country where clubs from the regional league are promoted to before joining the premier league of Swaziland. Clubs relegated from premier league joins this division at the end of the season, whilst those which have done well in this division are promoted to the Premier league of Swaziland. The Nation 1st division is consist of twelve clubs which are;

  • Milling Hotspurs FC
  • Tabankulu Callies FC
  • Bad Boys FC
  • Mahlalini FC
  • Sea Birds FC
  • Tinyosi FC
  • Malanda FC
  • Madlenya FC
  • Hub Sundowns FC
  • Hlathikhulu Tycons FC
  • Sikhalo Se Africa FC
  • Mbabane Citizens FC

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