After the successful launch of the EFA Vaccination Campaign, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Youth Affairs, and the Ministry of Healthy, the PLE has embarked on a Vaccination Campaign roadshows which are staged in all the four (4) regions of the country’s major towns. The campaign road shows aim on sensitizing football fans to vaccinate in order to fast tract their return to watch their teams live in action at the stadiums.  Numbers of vaccinated fans under this initiative stands at 2,500 and we hoping for more numbers as more roadshows are still to be staged. 

As part of the vaccination campaign, all PLE club officials and players are also vaccinating in preparation for the start of the new season which is scheduled to start on the 23rd October 2021.

On Saturday, 16th October 2021 the PLE Vaccination Campaign will continue to the Lubombo Region at the Siteki town, next to Shoprite starting from 1000hrs. Unvaccinated football fans are invited to come get their jabs and be protected from Covid 19 and stand a chance to watch live football again at the stadiums.

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