The Newly Elected PLE Executive Committee

Mark Carmichael emerged victorious over outgoing PLE Chairman, Peter Magagula with four (4) votes margin. Peter Magagula got 11 votes whilst Denver Sundowns chairman got 15 votes and was declared the New PLE chairman.  

Mark Carmichael was elected with other four members to form the executive committee. The members are;

Rudolph Matsenjwa-      Tambuti FC

Sipho Mbembe-                Vovovo FC

Charles Matsebula-         PP Black Swallows FC

Victor Rodrigues –           Malanti Chiefs

The newly elected chairman appreciated the confidence the board of governors had shown to the newly elected executive committee. He further expressed thanks to them for allowing him to lead the PLE again after he was forced to step down the last time he was entrusted with the position of Chairman. He emphasized the need for cooperation amongst PLE stakeholders and promised to be transparent and accountable during his term.

The Chairman also praised the outgoing Executive Committee for the experience he obtained as he served as a Member.


Mhlume Peacemakers chairman Mhlabuhlangene Nxumalo and Andreas Shongwe of Rangers FC were later then co-opted by the newly elected executive committee to complete the PLE Executive Committee with six (6) members.

The New PLE Executive Committee


Mark Carmichael


  1. Rudolph Matsenjwa-              Tambuti FC
  2. Sipho Mbembe-                       Vovovo FC
  3. Charles Matsebula-                 PP Black Swallows FC
  4. Victor Rodrigues –                   Malanti Chiefs FC
  5. Mhlabuhlangene Nxumalo- Mhlume Peacemakers FC
  6. Andreas Shongwe-                  Rangers FC

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