Football in Eswatini will see a whooping E18 Million prize money for the top two leagues in the country being the National First Division and the Premier League which translates to E6 million for each season until the 2020/21 football season.

From E750 000 the winners of the premier League clubs will now pocket a sum of E1 million plus E350 000 for winning the first round while the teams from the First Division winners will take home E180 000 plus E75 000 for winning first round.

All participating team in the Premier League will be given a sum of E100 000 at the beggining of each campain while the National First Division sides will get E20 000 as participation fee.

Accepting the sponsorship was PLS Chairman Mark Carmichael who thanked the sponsor for contributing to the upbringing of football at Eswatini and further promised that the country’s league will move from the 14th best league in the continent to the top five considering having a sponsor like MTN at hand.