His Majesty the King Mswati 111 through Prince Hlangabeza on a kit presentation held at Nkhanini, Lobamba, has urged all Swazis to come and witness the third which was the final year of its probation. The Ingwenyama has urged respect to prevail and the respect of others property and keep the stadium clean as they have found it.

Prince Hlangabeza said the king wished that if it were to him everyone could be the winner and so he wishes all the best to all participants and awaits to see who will take the crown home. The Prince stressed mostly on good behavior as it has been said that international media will be present as bad behavior will defame the Nation in the international community.

Ingwenyama fina kits were later presented with the command of the King by Prince Hlangabeza which consisted of a full branded soccer kit for the two finalists and emahiya (kanga) for cultural participants.